Invaluable work tool for breaking hard rocky ground prior to loading the bucket on to the excavator. These attachments reduce cycle times, wear on bucket, and are considered most economical option in tough ground conditions.

Designed to use with standard pins, replaceable Tips manufactured from Hardox material for long life and durability.

Range-for any Excavator from 0.50 to 80 T operating weight.


Very useful work tool and is capable to withstand extremely ardours application for rock & boulders handling in mining and quarries, demolition, handling general debris, timber, etc.

Can be operated by bucket arm, require no additional hydraulic ram. Pins, brackets and connecting rods are supplied extra for easy and safe mounting.

There are two main types are used with Boxed Tine and Solid Tine. Main plates, Tines for all models are manufactured from using only Hardox-400 for excellent strength and wear resistance.

Available for all excavators.