As a manufacturer, our job is to develop and supply Buckets that have basic value to users - and we believe that value can only be found in the context of user needs. We place a high priority on gaining a comprehensive understanding of the difficulties that users face every day out in the field.

When developing a new product, we start by forming project teams comprised of people in engineering, sales, and service that go out to gather information. Using sophisticated modern technologies and analytical tools, we then process the information to develop a prototype that undergoes exhaustive testing. In short, our elemental preliminary research is conducted with just one goal in mind: to anticipate and meet the diverse needs that users encounter under a variety of working conditions.

Available for Excavator from 0.8 to 40 Ton & upwards. GP, HD, Extra HD, Rock Bucket, Tilt Bucket, Special purpose Bucket.

Increase economic life, we use extra side cutters, internal wear ribs, extra wear ribs on back plates, Hardox 400- 500 & 600 Brinell, cutting edge and HD Tooth Points.

A Surprise For the domestic market we are in the process of lunching Ermotec / Extreme Tooth system: the range will be branded as ERMO-EXTR this is a unique, efficient system of reversible teeth and wear plates that fit any machine..

This has been designed & developed for our esteem customers in Granite & mining applications. The more abrasive conditions, greater are benefits. Three main reasons for impressive performance: Click here to download a PDF brochure